Erica Burleson & Nicholas Lyn

We are absolutely thrilled to celebrate the wedding of Erica Burleson and Nicholas Lyn this weekend at the farm! We interviewed Erica in preparation for the big day to find out how they met, how he popped the question, what they are most excited about, and what they’ve learned throughout the planning process.

How did you and Nicholas meet?

We met while playing in the band for their church youth group. We laid a solid foundation of friendship before going on our first date!

Tell us about the proposal!

Nicholas and Erica first felt a spark for one another at a symphony concert one weekend in May. Two years later to the date, Nicholas took Erica back to the symphony, then drove her to a beautiful park where they had once walked during their first months of dating. After proposing on one knee under a beautiful tree, Nicholas surprised Erica with a party of her closest family and friends to celebrate their engagement.

What moment are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

We are so looking forward to the beginning moments of the ceremony, when Nicholas sees Erica for the first time.

Why did you choose Triple T Farm?

We knew Triple T Farm was “our” venue the moment we drove in for the first time. We felt that we had stepped into a separate world, one that had been waiting to hold our most special moments and frame the celebration of our love. The owner made us feel at home, and constantly offered help and advice. We knew that we would be taken care of at this venue, and that it would offer everything we needed.

What is the theme or style of your wedding?

We decided on a modernized rustic version of a wedding, with shimmery silver mason jars, plenty of cool white drapery, and soft flowers.

Tell us about your journey together leading up to marriage.

We have known many seasons of our love before marriage. It has been hard to be patient at times, as we’ve always known we would spend forever together, but we’ve learned to take each new stage in stride and enjoy where we are both individually and together.

There is no “perfection” in our relationship, but plenty of mistakes and flaws that we love each other through, as it should be. We get stronger with each new day and look forward to the newness of marriage.

What have you learned during the planning process that surprised you and what advice would you give other brides-to-be?

As the bride, I definitely recommend signing up on The Knot; from the guest list to the registry to the incredibly helpful checklist, it kept me on track. Also, before planning the wedding, I thought that there was some standard that I had to complete. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Look for unique components of a wedding that are personal to you!

We decided to rent silk flowers, something I had never even heard of before researching the options. I purchased my dress for 75% off at a huge summer sale over a YEAR before the big day, and that freed up my budget to splurge more on accessories and gifts for my bridal party. Do your research!!! Just because something may be the “norm”, that doesn’t mean it has to work for you…do what makes your day as unique to you as possible!

Do you have any advice for future couples?

When planning your wedding, don’t forget that the ultimate goal is marriage. Each disagreement can become an opportunity to solve a problem together, arriving at a solution you both like. In the end, a mindset of “us vs. the problem” will conquer a “you vs. me” attitude, and strengthen your marriage.

After the wedding, remember that nothing can be changed and even if you suffered severe disappointments that day — the weather, family drama, or mishaps — you will only mar the memory of your wedding by bringing it up again. Focus on the best moments of the day, laugh at the slips, and smile at the “big win”…you’re married now!


Thank you so much to Erica and Nicolas for sharing their beautiful love story with us and for choosing to celebrate at Triple T Farm. We are so excited to share this special day with you, your family, and your friends!


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